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Board Certified Chiropractic Physician at Revolution Wellness Center in Plymouth MN

Having been adjusted since birth, Dr. Celia intimately understands the power of facilitating the body’s natural design to heal. She personally experienced triumph over injury and illness through the mindful practice of trusted chiropractors throughout her life, which sparked her desire to enter the holistic healthcare field. She is passionate about providing exemplary care to her patients, while educating them on the multitude of ways to live a life of healing and wholeness. 


Dr. Celia earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from St. Catherine University in 2013, and graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2017. During her time as a chiropractic intern, she had the opportunity to train under Dr. Suzy Youngquist at Revolution Chiropractic Wellness Center. Through interning at Revolution, Dr. Celia was able to refine and amplify her technique while fostering her enthusiasm for the chiropractic profession. Since beginning practice she has been a speaker at numerous educational events hosted by Revolution, and is deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue speaking life into her patients! 


Dr. Celia is wife to her beloved champion, Matt, who shares her love of a natural approach to health & family life, and Mom to their 1-year old son, Mack. 

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