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Cilla Whatcott



Family Homeopathy Care
Producer of Real Immunity Documentaries

Chaska, MN


I bring a rich and varied background of personal and professional experiences to my healing practice. I’ve lived in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, on the East coast, the West coast and aboard a sailboat in the Bahamas before making Minnesota my current home. My travels to Asia, Russia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Micronesia have instilled in me a deep respect for humankind and an intuitive understanding of human nature.

I have parented three adopted children from Russia, China and Taiwan, as well as one biological son. My own children’s illnesses and developmental stages led me to investigate homeopathy where I saw dramatic improvements with asthma, kidney reflux, ADHD, ear infections and various other illnesses and emotional challenges.


I hold a B.A. degree from Arizona State University, a PhD from Kingdom College of Natural Health and a diploma from the four year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN. (


I currently teach homeopathy classes at Normandale Community College, have authored two books on homeoprophylaxis, and lectured in London, Paris, Dublin, Bali, Canada and through the USA. I am the proud recipient of the Weston A. Price Foundation 2016 public service award. I was featured in episode 7 of “The Truth about Vaccines” and in episode 1 of “Healing from Vaccines.” I am currently the executive director of Real Immunity, an organization providing homeoprophylaxis programs to families all around the world as well as producer/director of the “Real Immunity” film series. 

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